Who we are


Our work is guided by four major ethics:

  • Integrity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Results
  • Passion

These principals define our mission and our interactions with our clients. We define integrity as always finding the most advantageous solutions for our clients, all the while being a resourceful business partner and the importance of the bottom line.

Meet The Founder

My name is Francis Perrier-Morin and I started Negotio Exports a few years ago when I noticed that small and medium size firms were increasingly frustrated when trying to expand their businesses abroad.

Clients come to us when they have one (or all) of these problems:

  • They are tired of sending out brochures, samples and attending trade fairs without real traction and purchase orders from partners abroad.
  • They feel overwhelmed with understanding the various regulations, consumer preferences, culture and competitive landscape of the region.
  • They want to engage and follow-up with prospective buyers and consumers without pissing them off.
  • They need more buyers… but don’t know how to go about getting them other than waiting around for inbound or referrals.
  • They want to develop their brand in the region but don’t know how to differentiate from the competition.

My team I are here to help your business get an in-depth understanding of consumption trends and the competitive landscape within the Asia and Asia-Pacific region as well as targeted market entry strategies for successful long-term brand development.